Background focus: Andronicus Prime

Segmentum: Ultima

Sector: Ulani

Sub-sector: Nova Mundi

System: Tular : 3 planets (“Prime” through ” Tertius” )

Surveyed: Unknown; the system was brought into compliance near the end of the Great Crusade, circa M31.

Satellites : None


Andronicus Prime is the second planet of the Tular system and has been terraformed to contain a wide variety of environments. The Circles of Ice are Andronicus Prime’s two huge polar ice caps and home to the Mechanicus settlements of Kalit and Nova Primus respectively, but also of 3 Hivefleet Molok’s major lines of attack.

Moving toward the equator from the Circles of Ice are the Rings of Winter – a region of few Imperial estates and gulags, several mining colonies, and some Mechanicus installations. Dozens of Tyranid’s minor lines of attack have been identified here.

The Rings of Strife are lush temperate zones favored by the human settlements, but also by Tyranids’ major invasion lines. The city of Heim is found here – the center of the imperial power on Andronicus Prime. The Macharin Archipelago is a large series of islands in shallow seas dotted with undersea Mechanicus facilities. These facilities as been probed for major incursions by rather small Tyranid sea lifeforms broods without critical damages reported.

The Ring of Fire is a gigantic zone of steaming jungles circling the equator with constant volcanic eruptions, turbulent seas, and over 100 confirmed sights of Titanic class Tyranid lifeforms.

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