Operation “Red Dawn”, Andronicus Prime

Sitrep Recent reports from satellite battle station Auriga confirmed that one of the largest industrial complexes on Andronicus Prime went silent and didn`t answer the imperial authorities' requests. Imperial Guard investigation teams sent on the planet reported that the whole planet became a jungle world in a few weeks and that they didn`t find any... Continue Reading →

War of the Beard

A super funny game i had last week against Andrea in his store! After many months of nothing, we agreed on a game involving both our great armies from the Golden Era. I decided to field my Herohammer style High Elves,while he went for his unbelievably good 3rd edition Dwarfs. Andreas dwarf collection is quite... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the Doomlord

Ladies and gentlemen,i FINALLY managed to run this iconic scenario! Not only I played It with the lists and the models written and used by game designers,but i also managed to have THE Ideal table setup (at least to me) and the honor to bring back my brother in Warhammer after 20 years. It took... Continue Reading →

Battle of Iron Peak!

Here`s the link to a recent remote game i had with Joshua from "The Crown of Command Podcast". Thanks to his amazing collection,we`ve been able to play the legendary "Battle of Iron Peak " shown in the Orcs & Goblins 4th edition armylist. As expected,this has been an amazing experience and Joshua has been an... Continue Reading →

Norse Raid

Plot A dwarf mining company established a new colony in the cold shores of Norsa,provoking the local norse clans into raiding the camp in order to collect equipment and slaves. Groff, the dwarf superintended of the expedition, has been informed of incoming belligerents by his scouts just few hours before dusk. Gathering his volunteers, Groff... Continue Reading →

A rather annoying game?

Plot A rather consistent imperial force tried to cross Athel Loren in order to establish a mining colony,deep in the wood elves forest. Ignoring the warnings and avoiding diplomacy, the imperial forces met a rather consistent wood elf one ,forcing the last to draw weapons to defend their land. We ran this game with 9th... Continue Reading →

Tor Ulani raid

Greetings fellow readers! As you may have noticed,i m focusing on 9th edition rules and here are photos of the game i had with a fellow gamer ,Tinez,against his High Elves. Staying true to my principles,as you can see i fielded my oldhammer-like dwarf army and we had plenty of fun. Talking about background,one if... Continue Reading →

Fields of blood : the Ruene Eglise massacre.

"A dark wind blows over the green fields of Bretonnia ...An ancient evil has been awaken and demands blood! The Red Duke strikes back!" Greetings fellow readers and welcome back to my blog. Finally ,an epic battle with a fierce Bretonnia general! I was tempted to field my freshly painted dwarfs,but when i crossed the... Continue Reading →

The Raid

Greetings readers! Finally, i had the occasion to field my dwarf clan in a pitched battle against Yuri`s Orks! Since we had no access to our gaming club,we took what we had ready in our homes : 5th ed stuff,armies and my gaming table. We set the game during The Great Colapse. An isolated mining... Continue Reading →

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