Scouting for scenarios: Citadel Journals

Greetings readers and welcome back to my blog. Since i ve no miniatures to paint (liar!) and no battle reports to share, i spent this week scouting for potential scenarios or ideas to offer to  my small but hardened group. Since our hobby form is basically died and reborned in something we don't really like that much... Continue Reading →


Who said introduction games must be boring?

Greetings readers and welcome back to my Inn for another run in the fabled golden age of our hobby. Today I want to spend some time writing over an interesting topic : intro games. Back in the days, I remember intro games being a boring “ one of each type” unit clash in order to... Continue Reading →

Pain-Thing:Dealing with Hordes

Greetings readers and welcome back to another run in my hobby. Following the “I m a bad painter” post , I d like to explain a way I used to deal with painting hordes. Although the great Andy Chambers advise to not chain-paint , the Ford way is no doubt the fastest way to hit... Continue Reading →

The “I’m a bad painter” manifesto

Greetings everyone out there and welcome back to my inn. Yesterday , spending countless hours painting my neverending monopose goblins from the 3th edition and listening Lovecraft audiobooks on Youtube , I confronted my finished models with the ones of Yuri, the guy I paid to paint part of my Empire,and I mumbled over my... Continue Reading →

Hobby Update: Autumn

Time for some updates on my current projects. From the last one in July, I ve really made huge improvements on every aspect of my hobby expectations for 2018. : lets check them out! Armies : Since July, I worked hard on on my Empire army, focusing my efforts on the ultimate goal of getting... Continue Reading →

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