Jungle & lost FOB : building Andronicus Prime

Here are some terrains I did with both my daughters for my 40k/new world jungle table! I basically bought cheap chinese fake plants and glued them to a green base and flocked them with random green I had. I also wanted to create a lost FOB, using the jars left from the fake plants and... Continue Reading →

Mordheim table : the making of

Greetings fellow players and welcome back in my blog. I spent the last days working on a new project : a regular Mordhiem Table! Following the tips of various fellow hobbyists,i collected everything i needed and embarked in this unprecedented journey. I decided to built up 4 my Mordheim table around with 4 24"x24" tiles.... Continue Reading →

The Forest of Shadows

Hey guys, long time i didn`t make some terrain. Riding the Mordheim-fever,i decided to make a decent looking forest ,darker than the one i ve. I called this : The Forest of Shadows. The idea is to have enough trees to cover at least an ordinary Mordheim table,which will lead me to have a VERY green... Continue Reading →

Fixing old terrains

Bored home with my daughter,we spent some time updating my terrains. We basically gave them new life and i really enjoyed letting my daughter decide which grass to use ,letting her play with my stuff. After that,i gave her my High Elves to play with and it has been really fun to see her develop... Continue Reading →


Another addition to my sceneris,concluding all i need to run basically every kind of old school gaming table (photo taken from auction).


Finally,i managed to obtain a good looking old school forest! With the lichens i already have,i can manage to field a decent size of forest in my games .

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