My imperial Grand Army : update

Rose are red,violets are blue so my Empire is ready for you!Here s an updated photo i took some weeks ago of my nearly complete imperial army. For those of you that dont follow me, i actually started this blog and the whole comeback in the hobby with one clear objective : to have all... Continue Reading →


Chaos dwarfs army

I finally achieved this long time dream. These are, by far, amongst my favorite models ever. The whole army come from 1995 and goblins from the 3th edition (see previous photo) will join them as slaves!

Wood elf dragon

To me, the best dragon ever done by GW. Colours have been chosen strickly connected with the 4th ed. Wood Elves Armybook. The dragon and his knight rapresents the tawdry essenence of the GW '90ies..such a great dispaly of exaggeration 😂 The model has beeen painted by Yuri Costanzini.

Army of Darkness

H Here are some photos of my Army of Darkness. I m very pround of these undeads because: 1)i 90% painted them 2) i made a lot of these collecting forgotten/dismissed stuff from local players Result: i now own a decent army to cofront my imperials. I still miss some characteristic units/heroes from the 4/5th... Continue Reading →

Sunset Glade Warriors

Some wood elves I m trying to paint. These are my very first miniatures, so be gentle! The wardancers were already painted by the previous owner, I just added the war paints. Here are my 2 100% painted models (ugh!). I clearly need to improve, but I m quite satisfied considering my poor skills. My... Continue Reading →

II° Imperial Grand Army

This is 90% of my 4th/5th edition Empire collection and rapresent the II° Grand Army stationed at Castle Grauenburg . This is one of the few permanent armies in the Empire and its role is basically to protect the Imperial borders from whatever descends the Grey Mountains or cross the Axe Bite Pass with bad... Continue Reading →

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