Purple Hand Cult

I made it! I finished my official Mordhiem warband,based on the very famous Purple Hand cult of the WFRP imperial campaign. I m really proud of these and I these ,although I still miss one of the two leaders.

Tor Eldroth expeditionary force

"Ready to protect Ulthuan interests all over the Old World , Tor Eldroth army is ready to face any enemy within and without the holy ground of its city!" What a glorius view, isn`t it? I`m very,very satisfied (and tired) with what came out from a low budget project! Many of you asked me how... Continue Reading →

Athel Loren defenders

Led by proud and irascible prince Athelwyn , this nomadic tribe roam the north-east borders and glades ready to intercept those who dare to cross the borders of the sacred realm of Isha and Kurnous! i finally found the time to give a decent photo to my beloved Wood Elves. Although i truly love their... Continue Reading →

Krag Bryn Clan

Hi all ! Here`s my last acquisition , a Dwarf army from the glorious past ready to be fielded again! I actually need to add some choices here and there, but the bulk of the army is done. With these models ,i m planning to run Grudge of Drong campaign as soon as i find... Continue Reading →

Imperial Grand Army

Rose are red,violets are blue so my Empire is ready for you! Here s an updated photo i took some weeks ago of my nearly complete imperial army. For those of you that dont follow me, i actually started this blog and the whole comeback in the hobby with one clear objective : to have... Continue Reading →

Zharr-Naggrund riders

I finally achieved this long time dream. These are, by far, amongst my favorite models ever. The whole army come from 1995 and goblins from the 3th edition (see previous photo) will join them as slaves!

Army of Darkness

H Here are some photos of my Army of Darkness. I m very pround of these undeads because: 1)i 90% painted them 2) i made a lot of these collecting forgotten/dismissed stuff from local players Result: i now own a decent army to cofront my imperials. I still miss some characteristic units/heroes from the 4/5th... Continue Reading →

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