Gathering of Might 2020

Here we go 2020! Hi guys,welcome back. How do you do? Hope everything is running as planned. Today i want to share the photos we made during our annual event , Gathering of Might. Being 10-12 group strong with plenty of options in painted armies, we decided to close the Marienburg siege chapter we opened... Continue Reading →

Siege of Marienburg / Gathering of might prequel

Greetings readers and followers! How do you do? I just spent a wonderful week playing basically everyday,thanks my wife and my daughter leaving for few days with my relatives. We had the pleasure to run a scenario written by Matteo concerning a chaos invasion in the Wastelands , involving Marienburg army and bretonnian allies. As... Continue Reading →

Gathering of Might 2019

Greetings from Tilea readers! We finally did it : we crowned the founding of our group with a mega-battle involving 7 players,6 races and tons of miniatures. It has been a very funny day,even if exahusting, with huge formations crushing each other only driven by the unforgiving will of their commanders (us) of seeing a... Continue Reading →

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