BOYL 2019 Report (ITA)

Bene bene, eccomi tornato in Italia dopo la mia seconda esperienza al Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL). Ho deciso di fare questo post in italiano perché penso possa essere utile alla nostra piccola, ma agguerrita community per fare luce su cos’è questo evento, com’è realmente ed in che “atteggiamento” va affrontato. Scherzo, in realtà come... Continue Reading →

Bring out your lead!

The most representative event of the year is closing in! I'll attend it from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd, hope to meet you all there! Drop me and email if you wanna share some game, i ll bring my wood elves along with me.

BOYL 2017 : Tilean report

No better way to start a blog with some photos of my BOYL 2017 experience at Foundry, Newark. Since mid 2016, i was completly unaware of the Oldhammer movement and while i was digging the 'net in search of WFRP articles to expand my ongoing campaign,i came across the Oldhammer forum discovering a completly  "new"... Continue Reading →

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