Fixing old terrains

Bored home with my daughter,we spent some time updating my terrains. We basically gave them new life and i really enjoyed letting my daughter decide which grass to use ,letting her play with my stuff. After that,i gave her my High Elves to play with and it has been really fun to see her develop... Continue Reading →

LBHE :20 spearmen

Getting closer and closer to end this project! I now miss 10 shadow warriors, 19 white lions and a command group for these spearmen. Urrah!

LBHE project : 3 Bolt Throwers

Another step closer to run Grudge of Drong alone / with my brother. Here are 3 Bolt Throwers i made to a tabletop level. Since i was missing 2 crew models (the one with the swords),i converted 2 plastic models in order to use them as substitutes. Nothing really special in the end. Right now... Continue Reading →

Dark Elfs corsairs

Here are a huge unit of 4th ed. dark elf corsairs painted by my friend Massi. A lovely work by him, waaay better than my painting skills. The Dark Elf project is a long term one and i don`t want to focus on them until i finish the High ones. Hope you like them!

Savage Orcs

Here are some Savage Orcs i had bought some months ago and had to restore/finish. Quite happy with the result,they gonna join my Chaos Dwarfs as slaves or just my upcoming O&G army. Too bad i couldnt push my green a bit higher,but i want to switch back to those damn High Elves that i... Continue Reading →

Imperial mages,4th-5th ed.

Finally! i managed to achieve this long term objective that i planned more than 1 year ago. Every imperial mage from 4th/5th edition . I hope you like them. Lights service from my daugther

The low budget high elf project

Double post today! i noticed that i never talked about why i started high elves instead of sitting like a king on the 6 armies i already own (and rarely use). Well, first of all the true meaning behind starting this is that i found dramatically easy to collect unused high elves models from various... Continue Reading →

Low Budget Lothern Sea Guard

Hi all fellas! Still struggling with my high elf project here. I finally manage to finish the swordmasters and here is the second goal i scored : 20 Lothern Sea Guard. I do miss a command group,but luckly i`ve an extra one ,merging various models from my last acquisitions. This 20 guys are NOT the... Continue Reading →

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