Mordheim table : the making of

Greetings fellow players and welcome back in my blog. I spent the last days working on a new project : a regular Mordhiem Table! Following the tips of various fellow hobbyists,i collected everything i needed and embarked in this unprecedented journey. I decided to built up 4 my Mordheim table around with 4 24"x24" tiles.... Continue Reading →

Empire in flames : Wednesday night fever!

Greetings readers and welcome back to another run in our Mordheim campaign! Here are the photos of the games we had yesterday night . Following the plot of our narrative campaign,the warbands are closing to Mordheim,warming up to battle for the control of the city. Today,the warbands fought to collect a bounty in Empire in... Continue Reading →

Sons of Mayhem :A history of hate

For weeks after the comet's arrival, the leeward lands of the city were covered with acrid reddish dust. It blocked the streams and covered the trees; it mingled with the mud and settled on the roofs like fine snow. The air tasted bitter, carcinogenic, and when it rained the dust just infiltrated the clothes and... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the Doomlord

Ladies and gentlemen,i FINALLY managed to run this iconic scenario! Not only I played It with the lists and the models written and used by game designers,but i also managed to have THE Ideal table setup (at least to me) and the honor to bring back my brother in Warhammer after 20 years. It took... Continue Reading →

Fan-made magic item : The Tilean Sword

Cross and delight of many tilean regents, this fabled sword has been rarely used in battle because of its legendary curse. It s said that this weapon has its own will , imitation and distillation of the turbulent tilean spirit. Nobody knows who forged it, but its said that this sword has been found on... Continue Reading →

On the road to Mordheim..

Finally,we run the first matches of our Mordheim campaign! According to our plot,the warbands leaves their own cities/liars in order to reach Mordheim and its warp stone. The first 2 matches will be played using "Empire in Flames" setting,with the warbands fighting each other during the trip to the damned city. Six warbands showed up... Continue Reading →

The day the hobby died/reborn

Long time i don`t write down one of these "thought" posts. Tonight,while i was trying to put my daughter to sleep, i thought about the last time i played a game with one of my local friends. After 15 min of elucubrations , it came out that the last game i played has been more... Continue Reading →

Zombie dragon

A good hit! I finally managed to bring home this model ,ready to be fielded as soon as this damn Covid will stop preventing us from playing and meeting. Compared to the DE and WE ones i already own ,this dragon is really small and generally speaking, worst. Still , i m happy with this... Continue Reading →

Summer holidays

No more painting for me until September! I need to rest a bit since i spent most of 2020 painting (as many of you out there probably did) and i`d like to use this summer to play. I m setting up various interesting games that i`ll share here : -Citadel Journal 19 - Vampire Wars... Continue Reading →

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