Operation “Red Dawn”, Andronicus Prime

Sitrep Recent reports from satellite battle station Auriga confirmed that one of the largest industrial complexes on Andronicus Prime went silent and didn`t answer the imperial authorities' requests. Imperial Guard investigation teams sent on the planet reported that the whole planet became a jungle world in a few weeks and that they didn`t find any... Continue Reading →

Marduk Hivefleet : status report!

Here`s a photo of what i ve painted and ready to play of my 2nd Edition Tyranid army! In these days, ill add a Carnifex,some more Termagaunts and 6 Warriors. I call this army nearly done even if i still miss 2 important models : Biovore and Zoanthrope. Yeah i know,i still miss Gargoyles but... Continue Reading →

Background focus: Andronicus Prime

Segmentum: Ultima Sector: Ulani Sub-sector: Nova Mundi System: Tular : 3 planets ("Prime" through " Tertius" ) Surveyed: Unknown; the system was brought into compliance near the end of the Great Crusade, circa M31. Satellites : None Summary Andronicus Prime is the second planet of the Tular system and has been terraformed to contain a... Continue Reading →


Artillery Company Command tank finished. I Need to fix the crew area because i m missing railings. Maybe i ll substitute them with sandbags. I also Need to find crewmen that doesn t costs 50€!

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