Again,a big unit of dwarfs ready to be fielded! This time i finished 26 Slayers ,standardizing the bases and reviving the colors . To me,slayers are the most representative unit of dwarf armies. I truly like to whole background behind these mad dwarfs and those bright orange hair crests will pimp the already super bright... Continue Reading →

Dwarf Clansmen

Finally, i managed to rush these models and made a proper 20 strong unit! i m very proud of these,especially because these are the first models i made from a long time. Maybe its because i didn`t painted for a long time,but i enjoyed giving life to these rather simple models. The monopose models from... Continue Reading →

First monopose dwarf

For many of us,this has been one of the most iconic models of the early nineties. They came in 5 dwarf strong boxes from what i remember. I`m quite happy with the result in the end. I hope they gonna fit my dwarf army colour scheme! 1 done, 16 to go! I ll flock them... Continue Reading →

Fields of blood : the Ruene Eglise massacre.

"A dark wind blows over the green fields of Bretonnia ...An ancient evil has been awaken and demands blood! The Red Duke strikes back!" Greetings fellow readers and welcome back to my blog. Finally ,an epic battle with a fierce Bretonnia general! I was tempted to field my freshly painted dwarfs,but when i crossed the... Continue Reading →

The Raid

Greetings readers! Finally, i had the occasion to field my dwarf clan in a pitched battle against Yuri`s Orks! Since we had no access to our gaming club,we took what we had ready in our homes : 5th ed stuff,armies and my gaming table. We set the game during The Great Colapse. An isolated mining... Continue Reading →

Grudge of Drong : scenario 1

Finally a game! i had the opportunity to play the first scenario of Grudge of Drong campaign yesterday and i can confirm the value of every penny i thrown in this project! The game sets around an abandoned mining dwarf settlement disputed between the Drong clan and the elves "allied" with Queen Helga. After deployment,... Continue Reading →

The Red Duke is back!

Greetings readers and welcome back on my blog. Finally, i managed to take up again the painting challenge winning against my indolence! I painted the Red Duke , the iconic model of the Circle of Blood campaign i`d like to run in the next months. All in all, it has been relaxing and funny to... Continue Reading →

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