65th Imperial Army : gathering forces

Greetings out there fellas! Just a quick update on my Imperial Guard Army. I managed to buy every unit I need to run my army, excluding 2 Lemans and 1 Chimea. I planned a 2000 pts army running around a Valhallan HQ and a Cadian Platoon Command (CS) with the spicy addition of a single... Continue Reading →

Mordheim Campaign : ACT II

Second turn of our Mordheim campaign! This time,every gang scouted the ruins looking for warpstone , inevitably bloodly colliding with others doing the same. My Sons of Mayhem possessed warband faced Pumpking Heads Middenheimers led by Triky, bringing the violence to a new level. Out of 2 archers on his side ,we had any shooting... Continue Reading →

Valhallan Officer

What a better way to start a new imperial guard army if not starting it from its officers? A very funny model to paint! I used GW kabalite green after giving a try to Vallejo jade-ish green. Dunno what happened, but it was really awfull and I saved the model with the GW paint. I... Continue Reading →

Tor Eldroth expeditionary force

"Ready to protect Ulthuan interests all over the Old World , Tor Eldroth army is ready to face any enemy within and without the holy ground of its city!" What a glorius view, isn`t it? I`m very,very satisfied (and tired) with what came out from a low budget project! Many of you asked me how... Continue Reading →

The Right of Having Fun

Recently I've found myself wondering if and when we really have fun in our daily hobbying. Let me explain: all of us love playing, collecting, painting etc. but: did you ever think how many times it happens that we ruin the joy of our hobby experience by self-imposing problems? Let me explain even better: let's... Continue Reading →

Mordheim Campaign : ACT I

No better way to start a campaign inaugurating it with awesome and freshly built tables and terrains! Last week we finally reached the damned city, starting the Mordheim Campaign that we`re playing from this summer .Finally able to play among the ruins of the city, I managed to field my table and cardboard buildings ,integrating... Continue Reading →

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