Tilean Swords

Hey gang. I managed to end my second Blood Bowl team! This time I painted the famous 2005 Human team. I got the complete set,but i painted only the one i needed. Since it would be trully grate for me to bring these at the NAF worldcup, I went for our Alicante team purple/yellow uniform.... Continue Reading →

Hivefleet Marduk,2265 pts

Hivefleet MARDUK Hivefleet Tyrant 164 329Venom Cannon 40Bonesword 6Lashwhip 9Catalyst 40Voltage Field 20Warp Field 40Hardened Carapace 10 Zoantrophe 120 120 Lictor 96 136Warp Field 40 5 Tyranid Warriors 275 355Deathspitter 30Toughened Skeleton 50 3 Tyranid Warriors 165 195Toughened Skeleton 30 7 Genestealers 196 196 7 Genestealers 196 196 11 Termagaunts 66 77Spike Rifle 11 11... Continue Reading →

8th Edition 3000 pts Empire

General Of the Empire 95 369 Imperial Griffon 170Other Trickster Shard 15S.of Anti Heroes 30Full Plate 9Charmed Shield 5Talisman of Preservation 45 Arch Lector 100 350War Altar 150Talisman Of Endurance 30Potion Of Toughness 20Armour of Silvered Steel 45Warrior Bane 5 Captain of the Empire BSB 85 153Full Plate 6Barded Warhorse 16Dragonhelm 15Dawnstone 25Great weapon 6... Continue Reading →

Next events and general update

Sup guys! Back from the grave..kind of! Long time i dont write something in this blog. Girls are growing and they re sucking out most of my little freetime. I m struggling to find time for a 40k/ fantasy game oldschool game,but i m still very active in both communities,especially the one running around Crown... Continue Reading →

Tekeli-li Purple Riders

"Before Elves, before Dwarfs, before Men, the Old Ones arrived upon this world. Then came Chaos and the Great Plan of the Old Ones was unmade. We are the last of their servants, and only by our hand shall the Great Plan be restored, with the total defeat of the usurping younger races." — Inscription... Continue Reading →

Oldhammer Weekend : Poland!

Greetings fellow readers and welcome back to the sunny Tilea! Seems like i m not dead,isn't it? Months i dont write here,but ,hey,it has been summer time in Italy,high temperatures, and as every year i actually stop to paint ,game or whatelse for a couple of months. My hobby holidays basically! I celebrate my return... Continue Reading →

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