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Battle of the Unholf Valley

Ok , I m definitely under Hashut control and I m loving it! Another game to test my black bearded slavers and their allies ,this time against Gabriele, a fellow addict of my small but rather fierce 6th ed. group, testing his upcoming army, the magnificent Empire. I land him some of my figures and... Continue Reading →

Fight for freedom

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog! Yesterday ,me and Yuri ran a game to test my chaos dwarves with this armylist. Ahh,the poor evil cousins from the bad GW dismissed them. This is one of my favourite armies, both for lore and models.Anyway, Warhammer is officially dead so thanks god there are... Continue Reading →

Chaos Gnomes Landship

Ehya! Welcome back to my blog. I had to take a stop from painting my Empire since humans were litteraly breaking my balls , so i focused on something completly different and here's the product of my madness! Call it Iron Daemon from 8th edition,call it Chaos Dwarf Landship or Kolossus Daemon Tower from 6th... Continue Reading →

Warrior Priestess of Myrmidia

Greetings out there and welcome back to another run in my hobby world. Today i'll show you something we made to meet the needs of one of our players, Gabriele,who asked a way to field a priestess of his beloved Myrmidia for his upcoming south-based imperial army. Digging in the net, i found an interesting... Continue Reading →

Reiksguard foot knights

Another step bring me closer to my main project end. I finally ended the " Reiksguard" quest, collecting every model released, mounted or not, listed in the 1998 US complete catalogue. These models are amongst my favourite and they'll serve as the personal escort of Karl Franz and his family. Right now, I d like... Continue Reading →

The last charge

Greetings readers and welcome to another 6th battle report! Today we reenact one of the last battle fought during the the Great Crusades against Araby in the 1451 I.C. We used 6th edition rules ,but we added some spices like Weather table (CJ 01) and sand effects shown in the scenario listed in the main... Continue Reading →

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