Imperial Year 1999, Saltzmund suburbs.. Sitting with half of his body immersed in the stagnant water of a ditch, Heinrich Krieglitz couldn`t bear anymore the subdued litanies and moans coming from those crazied men of the "Holy Order of the Shining Comet" ,as Father Spee solemnly introduced them few days ago. Flagellants, that`s how ordinary... Continue Reading →

Battle of Iron Peak!

Here`s the link to a recent remote game i had with Joshua from "The Crown of Command Podcast". Thanks to his amazing collection,we`ve been able to play the legendary "Battle of Iron Peak " shown in the Orcs & Goblins 4th edition armylist. As expected,this has been an amazing experience and Joshua has been an... Continue Reading →

Mordheim campaign!

New Project incoming! A gathering of old friends wants to run a small Mordheim campaign..what a better occasion to field my old models and bring them figthing and dying in the dirty and lunatic alleys of the damned imperial city! I m going to field a Witch Hunters warband. Called "Krieglietz Hunters" and led by... Continue Reading →

White Lions

Hurrah! Finally managed to end this unit! I m very happy of the final effect and i`ll field as soon as i can. Lasts steps to end my LBHE project finally.. 7 Dragon Princes and maybe a chariot and i m done!

Grudge of Drong : First Scenario

Finally! Thanks to Crown of Command community i managed to run the first game of this campaign module. I played it remotely with Marcel, a great german guy i met on Discord thanks to Joshua group. Since i was already planning to play this campaign alone or with my brother (that has nothing) , i... Continue Reading →


Boom! Such an amazing model! i spent a lot of time on this and i tried my best. To me,it came out very well!

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