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Ariuk Hunting Party

Erbon Scorchedbark , Treeman 285 285 10 Waywatchers 240 240 10 Dryads 120 120 19 Eternal Guards 228 308 -command 30 Gaemarth Banner 50 10 Glade Guards 120 157 Aerth 25 Banner 12 Ariuk Freshbreeze,Wood Elf Highborn 145 559 Forest Dragon 320 Helm of the Hunt 20 Amaranthine Brooch 35 Spear of Twilight 30 Shield... Continue Reading →

Irith Oakshadow border patrol

  995/1000 Points Irith Oakshadow, Wood Elf Noble 75 170 Waywatcher Kindred 35 Moonstone of the Hidden Ways 35 Lamentation of Despairs 25 Laniha , Spellsinger lvl 2 125 175 Hail of doom arrows 30 Ranu Hearthstone 20 10 Waywatchers 240 240 10 Glade guards 120 120 10 Glade guards Scouts 120 170 10 Glade... Continue Reading →

Gaming lists

Usually when too much free time to think collides with too little time to play i float inadvertately  dangerously close to Ebay.,but not today!My upcoming gaming projects,especially BOYL 2019 and "Island of death" campaign. While i was writing mails for a 6 man,6k points 4th ed. game , i decided to inaugurate a new label on... Continue Reading →

Gorgetower Pass Battle

Finally i find the time to deploy my beloved Empire in an explosion of colours with my bretonnian friend Matte. We wanted to evoke a face off between Nordland and Parravon duchies for the control of Gorgetower Pass, a rather unknown mountain pass between Empire and Bretonnia marked by a lonely old border tower. We... Continue Reading →

Island of Death Campaign

Greetings fellow readers and welcome back to another post on my personal blog. It has been some time that i didn't post anything here,but thats not due the fact we're sleeping on our hobby tasks for sure! Real life ask for time ,sadly,and i spend the few hours left struggling to decide which of my... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Unholf Valley

Ok , I m definitely under Hashut control and I m loving it! Another game to test my black bearded slavers and their allies ,this time against Gabriele, a fellow addict of my small but rather fierce 6th ed. group, testing his upcoming army, the magnificent Empire. I land him some of my figures and... Continue Reading →

Fight for freedom

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog! Yesterday ,me and Yuri ran a game to test my chaos dwarves with this armylist. Ahh,the poor evil cousins from the bad GW dismissed them. This is one of my favourite armies, both for lore and models.Anyway, Warhammer is officially dead so thanks god there are... Continue Reading →

Chaos Gnomes Landship

Ehya! Welcome back to my blog. I had to take a stop from painting my Empire since humans were litteraly breaking my balls , so i focused on something completly different and here's the product of my madness! Call it Iron Daemon from 8th edition,call it Chaos Dwarf Landship or Kolossus Daemon Tower from 6th... Continue Reading →

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