Grudge of Drong : IV Scenario

Hello readers and welcome back ! I ended 2021 with a bang since I finally managed to end my Grudge of Drong campaign , running the last scenario with my good friend Jordie. High Elves, led by the impetuous Eldroth manage to win the day against the furious Drong, avoiding a direct confrontation with Helga... Continue Reading →

Grudge of Drong : III Scenario

Our GoD campaign continues! Plot Following the ambush, Drong and Helgar had a thunderous row with the first one forced to escape from Krag Bryn under the second one threats.Few days later, Drong dispatched a group of thirsty and angry dwarfs led by Skag the Stealthy to free Brewmaster Largs,kept hostage by Helgar in order... Continue Reading →

Grudge of Drong : II Scenario

Hey gang! I`m back in WHFB business,finally. August , our dead-month,passed and with September i managed to play the second scenario of GoD campaign from the 5th ed. This time,i ran the game with Jordie,a fellow old school enthusiast which shares with me the same passion for the golden era. Merging our armies, we managed... Continue Reading →

Grudge of Drong : First Scenario

Finally! Thanks to Crown of Command community i managed to run the first game of this campaign module. I played it remotely with Marcel, a great german guy i met on Discord thanks to Joshua group. Since i was already planning to play this campaign alone or with my brother (that has nothing) , i... Continue Reading →

5th ed. Campaign sets : check!

Hi all!Just a quick one : I m very proud to show you my last acquisitions . I finally manage to put my hands on every campaign module released for the 4th/5th edition ,each one in acceptable conditions and with everything inside.Nothing to say out of this,but i m very happy of this hobby milestone... Continue Reading →

Idol of Gork Campaign: IV° scenario

Greetings fellas and welcome back to my blog! I finally managed to end the Idol of Gork campaign started in the early months of 2019 ,one of the most amazing modules i`ve ever read. We left imperial general Rutgar basically sieged in the ruins of an Ork fort, unaware of the malevolent plans of his... Continue Reading →

Idol of Gork Campaign: I° scenario

Greetings to everyone out there and welcome back to my blog! Riding high the wave of the 90 campaign packs, I managed to find an orc player who loves the same era settings and convinced him to give a try to the amazing “Idol of Gork” campaign. First thing first,I had to make proper cardboard... Continue Reading →

Perilous Quest Campaign: III° Scenario

Third scenario of the Perilous Quest campaign played! As story tends to repeat itself,Bretonnia Knights vanquished the wood elves granting protection to the pilgrims 🙂 thanks to my oponent Jonathan 🙂 A great day and a great battle.i must confess, i m really loving these modules. Here are the photos we made 🙂 As always,... Continue Reading →

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