Casualties,fire and Chaos Gnomes swivel gun

Chaos Dwarfs and Gnomes again! Here’s my last effort : 15 imperial casualites and a self made swivel gun. Quite happy with this one because I used Old Glory dwarf models I had forgotten in my lead pile , I spend 3 nights finishing up the casualites I need for my upcoming scenarios. Along with... Continue Reading →


Chaos Gnomes Landship

Ehya! Welcome back to my blog. I had to take a stop from painting my Empire since humans were litteraly breaking my balls , so i focused on something completly different and here's the product of my madness! Call it Iron Daemon from 8th edition,call it Chaos Dwarf Landship or Kolossus Daemon Tower from 6th... Continue Reading →

Warrior Priestess of Myrmidia

Greetings out there and welcome back to another run in my hobby world. Today i'll show you something we made to meet the needs of one of our players, Gabriele,who asked a way to field a priestess of his beloved Myrmidia for his upcoming south-based imperial army. Digging in the net, i found an interesting... Continue Reading →

Reiksguard foot knights

Another step bring me closer to my main project end. I finally ended the " Reiksguard" quest, collecting every model released, mounted or not, listed in the 1998 US complete catalogue. These models are amongst my favourite and they'll serve as the personal escort of Karl Franz and his family. Right now, I d like... Continue Reading →

Knight panthers: forged in hell

Greetings travelers and welcome back to my inn. Today i ll start to explain the history behind my Empire unit banners . First one here is the famous Holy banner of Luitpold the Avenger, still in service from over 300 years. Baron Luitpold Von Raus was one of the most influential grandmaster of the Knight... Continue Reading →

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