Marduk Hivefleet : status report!

Here`s a photo of what i ve painted and ready to play of my 2nd Edition Tyranid army! In these days, ill add a Carnifex,some more Termagaunts and 6 Warriors. I call this army nearly done even if i still miss 2 important models : Biovore and Zoanthrope. Yeah i know,i still miss Gargoyles but... Continue Reading →


Artillery Company Command tank finished. I Need to fix the crew area because i m missing railings. Maybe i ll substitute them with sandbags. I also Need to find crewmen that doesn t costs 50€!


+++ Attention to all personnel!Attention to all personnel! Security patrols have been ambushed by local alien forms identified as Genestealers. The 65th army group battalions and the colony corps are now in RED ALERT status. Agrippina Primus has been classified as Tyranid Infested and must be freed with uncompromising resoluteness. After consulting the Emperor tarots,... Continue Reading →

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