Greetings traveler..

My name is Davide, i m from Italy and this is my hobby blog.
I play GW related stuff from more than 20 years and i m deeply in love with
the Old World background ,especially the one created around WFRP I° edition and
The Enemy Within Campaign.
What i’ll do here is post whatever i think interesting concerning my hobby ,especially
miniatures ,RpG background stuff, armies ,scenario ideas, “how-i-did” guides…well, basically everything i think it can be usefull/interesting.
In this journey,i hope i’ll be accompanied by many friends with their articles and reports concerning what we created in years of gaming.
Well, there’s nothing more to say : please take a seat near the fireplace and try to ignore that drunk bard singing over a group of heroes that killed again Drachenfels and saved our Emperor…We host that poor soul here more for mercy than for gain ,but as you can expect, he has become part of the Tilean Sword Inn fauna..
Again, welcome to my inn , i hope you’ ll find what you were searching for i nthis forgotten land..



3 thoughts on “Greetings traveler..

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  1. Hoy there, landlord! I think I will grab a seat close to the fireplace and listen to that fella over there… I have a feeling his ballad reminds me of something…


  2. You have most of the white dwarves….. such dedication is to be honoured. You won’t mind if I borrow some EARLY ones? I would love to hear your thoughts on the YouTube channel RP archive. I’m unsure about his card transition to magnets and would appreciate another perspective on this. I have also been deep mining the net for those “little gaps”. It is glorious to see that you are so far ahead!

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