Background focus: Andronicus Prime

Segmentum: Ultima Sector: Ulani Sub-sector: Nova Mundi System: Tular : 3 planets ("Prime" through " Tertius" ) Surveyed: Unknown; the system was brought into compliance near the end of the Great Crusade, circa M31. Satellites : None Summary Andronicus Prime is the second planet of the Tular system and has been terraformed to contain a... Continue Reading →

The Right of Having Fun

Recently I've found myself wondering if and when we really have fun in our daily hobbying. Let me explain: all of us love playing, collecting, painting etc. but: did you ever think how many times it happens that we ruin the joy of our hobby experience by self-imposing problems? Let me explain even better: let's... Continue Reading →

The day the hobby died/reborn

Long time i don`t write down one of these "thought" posts. Tonight,while i was trying to put my daughter to sleep, i thought about the last time i played a game with one of my local friends. After 15 min of elucubrations , it came out that the last game i played has been more... Continue Reading →

Summer holidays

No more painting for me until September! I need to rest a bit since i spent most of 2020 painting (as many of you out there probably did) and i`d like to use this summer to play. I m setting up various interesting games that i`ll share here : -Citadel Journal 19 - Vampire Wars... Continue Reading →

The low budget high elf project

Double post today! i noticed that i never talked about why i started high elves instead of sitting like a king on the 6 armies i already own (and rarely use). Well, first of all the true meaning behind starting this is that i found dramatically easy to collect unused high elves models from various... Continue Reading →

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