Idol of Gork Campaign: II° & III° scenarios

Hell yeah , double game this week! 2 days ago i played with Yuri the II° and the III° scenarios from Idol of Gork campaign pack (5th ed.) and it has been great! Following the plot, we first played "the ambush", with Snagga successfully halting the imperial caravan ,denying to Rutgar and his men the... Continue Reading →


The “Bataille de la pierre sacrée”

Welcome all and happy Christmas! I hope Santa Claws brought you every model you were missing and that you passed these lovely days with your friends and families in a pleasant way. Although our days were filled with parenthood meetings, we find the way to pick up our armies and meet for a glorious battle... Continue Reading →

Something rotten in Bretonnia

Greetings readers out there and welcome back to my inn! As stated in one of the last posts, yesterday I spent a lovely night re-introducing a former player to the great Warhammer world. Since to me the best way to hook up again “mature” players is to focus on story instead of numbers, I wrote... Continue Reading →

Circle of death

Greetings readers out there and welcome back in my hobby . Yesterday one of my friends, Yuri, proposed me a jump into the past with a scenario taken from one of the last original ideas made manifests by GW back in the days : a battle taken from the great “Dark Shadows “ campaign pack... Continue Reading →

Pain-Thing:Dealing with Hordes

Greetings readers and welcome back to another run in my hobby. Following the “I m a bad painter” post , I d like to explain a way I used to deal with painting hordes. Although the great Andy Chambers advise to not chain-paint , the Ford way is no doubt the fastest way to hit... Continue Reading →

The “I’m a bad painter” manifesto

Greetings everyone out there and welcome back to my inn. Yesterday , spending countless hours painting my neverending monopose goblins from the 3th edition and listening Lovecraft audiobooks on Youtube , I confronted my finished models with the ones of Yuri, the guy I paid to paint part of my Empire,and I mumbled over my... Continue Reading →

Hobby Update: Autumn

Time for some updates on my current projects. From the last one in July, I ve really made huge improvements on every aspect of my hobby expectations for 2018. : lets check them out! Armies : Since July, I worked hard on on my Empire army, focusing my efforts on the ultimate goal of getting... Continue Reading →

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