+++ Attention to all personnel!Attention to all personnel! Security patrols have been ambushed by local alien forms identified as Genestealers. The 65th army group battalions and the colony corps are now in RED ALERT status. Agrippina Primus has been classified as Tyranid Infested and must be freed with uncompromising resoluteness. After consulting the Emperor tarots,... Continue Reading →

Purple Hand Cult

I made it! I finished my official Mordhiem warband,based on the very famous Purple Hand cult of the WFRP imperial campaign. I m really proud of these and I these ,although I still miss one of the two leaders.

War of the Beard

A super funny game i had last week against Andrea in his store! After many months of nothing, we agreed on a game involving both our great armies from the Golden Era. I decided to field my Herohammer style High Elves,while he went for his unbelievably good 3rd edition Dwarfs. Andreas dwarf collection is quite... Continue Reading →

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