Vampire Wars : the battle of Schwarthafen

Greeting fellow gamers and welcome back.Yesterday , me and Yuri spent the whole morning fighting The battle of Schwarthafen and it has been a really funny and quick game. We ran this scenario with 6th edition rules and armylists, with lists written by me.Victory goes to Vlad Army, 3 to 2, although the famous Sigismound... Continue Reading →


The last charge

Greetings readers and welcome to another 6th battle report! Today we reenact one of the last battle fought during the the Great Crusades against Araby in the 1451 I.C. We used 6th edition rules ,but we added some spices like Weather table (CJ 01) and sand effects shown in the scenario listed in the main... Continue Reading →

Gathering of Might 2019

Greetings from Tilea readers! We finally did it : we crowned the founding of our group with a mega-battle involving 7 players,6 races and tons of miniatures. It has been a very funny day,even if exahusting, with huge formations crushing each other only driven by the unforgiving will of their commanders (us) of seeing a... Continue Reading →

Battle of the brewery

Happy 2019 to everyone! Last days have been filled with plenty of games and since i m a manically precise, i m slowly writing down a battle report for everyone of it. Today we honour the memory of the survivors of the Battle for Brewrey,as its remembered from those brave men and dwarfs who were... Continue Reading →

Something rotten in Bretonnia

Greetings readers out there and welcome back to my inn! As stated in one of the last posts, yesterday I spent a lovely night re-introducing a former player to the great Warhammer world. Since to me the best way to hook up again “mature” players is to focus on story instead of numbers, I wrote... Continue Reading →

Circle of death

Greetings readers out there and welcome back in my hobby . Yesterday one of my friends, Yuri, proposed me a jump into the past with a scenario taken from one of the last original ideas made manifests by GW back in the days : a battle taken from the great “Dark Shadows “ campaign pack... Continue Reading →

Idol of Gork Campaign: I° scenario

Greetings to everyone out there and welcome back to my blog! Riding high the wave of the 90 campaign packs, I managed to find an orc player who loves the same era settings and convinced him to give a try to the amazing “Idol of Gork” campaign. First thing first,I had to make proper cardboard... Continue Reading →

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