Operation “Red Dawn”, Andronicus Prime


Recent reports from satellite battle station Auriga confirmed that one of the largest industrial complexes on Andronicus Prime went silent and didn`t answer the imperial authorities’ requests.

Imperial Guard investigation teams sent on the planet reported that the whole planet became a jungle world in a few weeks and that they didn`t find any survivors at the complex. at +12h TST (Terran Standard Time) from landing, investigation teams were ambushed by Xeno forces and completely overrun. Helmet cameras provided solid proof of a Tyranid infestation! Auriga authorities dispatched a request of assistance dressed to any imperial force close to Andronicus in order to prevent the whole planet (and its resources)to be forever lost.

The request for help was immediately intercepted by Blood Angel light cruiser “Red Angel”, the carrier of the 2nd company led by the famous Captain Virgilio. Quickly, the Marines reached the low orbit of Andronicus Prime and deployed a reaction force composed of a Librarian (Greco Sadrail), an Apothecation with the Red Grail, and a Chaplain (Ninazu) with an escort of assault marines with jetpacks followed by a 5 men strong team of Terminators code named “Vexator”.The reaction force has been code-named “Jawbreaker 1”. Long-range scanners ran by the Red Angel reported the presence of aliens close to the industrial complex’s outskirts. The reaction force had the occasion to prove once more that no xeno, demon or traitor stands a chance to face the Blood Angel’s wrath!

The forces and Deployment (roughly 1130-ish points per side)

Blood Angels “Jawbreaker-1” Reaction force (the tank as been included in the photos but it was not deployed)

Andronicus Prime biochemical complex Tyranid infestation (Code named Marduk,the warrior was not there,I just add it for photos).


The whole game has been the very first test of the 40k 2nd edition. Both I and Enry found the game very pleasant and satisfying. Sadly, the marines could deploy very few models due to the high costs and the lack of painted units, but still, we managed to test every possible rule of this edition.

Basically, thanks to the Tyranid’s pre-battle tables,I managed to eliminate a single Terminator and delay the Vexator team , excluding him from the game since the battle lasted only 4 turns.

Everything ended in a mega HTH phase with the assault marines and the characters fighting amongst waves and waves of Tyranids. It all ended in a very bloody way when the Tyrant and a brood of Catalysed Genestealers joined the fight.

We truly enjoyed the game , especially the Psyker phase,the use of the Objective Cards, and the general “Chinese boxes” style that this edition has : you play a 40k game, but also a card game and some kind of poker style decision-making game. Very,very funny! We both agree to start a campaign based on the structure of the 5th edition ones written for Fantasy.

The plot will develop around the fate of Andronicus Prime.

2 thoughts on “Operation “Red Dawn”, Andronicus Prime

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  1. This is what happens when you do not take care of the garden day by day: in no time at all it fills up with plants like a jungle and is infested with harmful beings!
    Seriously, the scenery and miniatures make a great impression, and your 2nd edition experiment look very interesting.
    One last question: who won this battle? Let’s wait to see what happens on Andronicus Prime!

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