Vampire Wars : the battle of Schwarthafen

Greeting fellow gamers and welcome back.

Yesterday , me and Yuri spent the whole morning fighting The battle of Schwarthafen and it has been a really funny and quick game. We ran this scenario with 6th edition rules and armylists, with lists written by me.

Victory goes to Vlad Army, 3 to 2, although the famous Sigismound Hill is fiercely hold by the imperials, led by the brave Kruger and his White Wolves brothers. Being a 4 turns match, things became violent very quickly, with my men preferring to flee instead of fight the dread count and his pityless army. I did some kind of damage with my single hellblaster , reducing the undead cavalry to nearly nothing,but still the vampire counts were littearly unstoppable to my soldiers. To be honest, I dedicated a lot of men to conquer the hill ,sacrificing Schwarthafen and I did very easily because Yuri put his heroes on the other side of the table. We basically focused on our objectives instead of fighting to death.

My heavy cavalry,both the one led by Kruger than the one led by the Count of Middenheim reduced to nothing 2 big units of zombies and skellies, in order to try to low the potential number of undeads getting closer to the boundary of the town, but still , Vlad and Taliss made so many damages that my men fled everywhere instead of trying to resist . I can understand them . Schwarthafen is lost , but the sacred hill is untouched.

As always, playing a scenario with fully painted armies on a beautiful table is priceless. This is what Warhammer should be , less games but with more details .

I leave you with the photos we made with my potato camera .

Time to go back painting the halfings , see you soon!


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