Warrior Priestess of Myrmidia

Greetings out there and welcome back to another run in my hobby world.

Today i’ll show you something we made to meet the needs of one of our players, Gabriele,who asked a way to field a priestess of his beloved Myrmidia for his upcoming south-based imperial army. Digging in the net, i found an interesting fluff resume corcerning the Goddess of War templars and i tried to replicate her cult representatives in wharhammer 6th ,our most played edition.

Let’s get technical :

I started from the classic Sigmarite Warrior Priest and i basically rewrote the skills to fit the new diety dogmas.

Since “hate” rule didn’t really fit the Myrmidians way-to-go, i changed the priesthood signature skill with something it can rapresent the vast tactical knowledge they have calling it “Tactical Supremacy“. This transforms the priestess in something more  interesting.

I added “Weapon Mastery”  to workaround the weapon choices and  to represent the martial rigidity of the cult.

Prayers are an interesting point : basically,  “Spear of Myrmidia” and “Shield of Myrmidia” are very close to the first 2 prayers indicated in the Sigmarite lists of prayers.I changed just few details to make them slightly different and engaging.

Her Will Manifest” is very interesting.

Basically a Warbanner (+1 to combat result) ,to me it should really rapresent the tactical superiority of Myrmidia over the enemies, while “Divine Call”  shows the martial one.  Of all , this last one is probably the strongest, but still it must pass with a power level of 3.

Do you like it? We do.

Its an hero choice very different from the ones coming from the other cults, with strengths that take over different aspects of the game.

I’m going to attach here the articles i found in Warpstone magazine so ,for those who likes the Old World lore, its going to be a good read  (a great read tbh).

Hope to read your tests over this!


Special Rules

  • Blessing of Myrmidia: as long as the Warrior priestess is on the battlefield add one dice to the Dispel Pool.
  • Tactical Supremacy: after every unit has been deployed, but before scouts of both armies are deployed, you can re-deploy a single unit of your army that has been joined by one or more Warrior Priestesses. Otherwise you can re-deploy a single unaccompanied Warrior Priestess.
  • Weapon Mastery : unless equipped with magic weapons/shields the Warrior Priestess MUST be equipped with one of the following combinations for 5 points: spear and shield, Two hand weapons, Two-handed weapon. Note that the Warrior Priestess gains +1 to Armour Saves when fighting with Spear & Shield due to her skill. She ALWAYS wears an Heavy Armour.
  • Prayers of Myrmidia (Bound Spells with Power Level 3, can be invoked on Characters or Champions within 12” or on the Warrior Priestess herself)
  1. Spear of Myrmidia : the target model Re-rolls to hit. The prayer lasts until it is dispelled or until the Warrior Priestess invokes another prayer.
  2. Shield of Myrmidia : the target model gets 1+ Armour Save. The prayer lasts until it is dispelled or until the Warrior Priestess casts invokes prayer.
  3. Her Will Manifest : the Warrior Priestess adds 1 to the Combat Resolution of the fight she is involved in (if she is part of a unit, this prayer takes effect even if the Warrior Priestess is not in base to base contact with the enemy). The prayer lasts until it is dispelled or until the Warrior Priestess casts invokes prayer.
  4. Divine Call : when the target model fights it can issue a challenge to a specific enemy model, which cannot refuse it. The target model adds +2 to his Strength and always strikes first, irrespective of Initiative or any other rule (for example for being armed with a Two-handed weapon).


  • May choose magic items from the Common or Empire magic items lists with a maximum total value of 50.
  • MAy ride a warhorse (+10pts) which can have bardings (+4pts)



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