Reiksguard foot knights

Another step bring me closer to my main project end.

I finally ended the ” Reiksguard” quest, collecting every model released, mounted or not, listed in the 1998 US complete catalogue.

These models are amongst my favourite and they’ll serve as the personal escort of Karl Franz and his family. Right now, I d like to put my hands on the elector count on griffon made for the 6th edition. I don’t really like or need the griffon,since I proudly own the older model,but I would put the knight ,which I consider Karl Franz since he s hoding an hammer and riding the fabled beast , on an ordinary horse.

In this way, I can field the Emperor with his own mounted royal guard .

As some of you may know, I m more a rpg player then a 3d gamer and I love to spend my time wondering over the background of my army. Since I own the noble model of Warhammer Quest , I painted it with the Nordland colours.

In this way, I can field it in many different ways :

  • Theoderic Gausser , count elector of Nordland, accompanied by the royal escort ,proof of the Imperial favour.
  • A former Emperor with his escort
  • The Reiksguard champion

In this way I ll I satisfy my thirst for background consistency and field a 16 men strong unit.

This is it, another step in the right direction.

Next stop are the imperial halflings you see in the background, models that I don’t really like tbh,but they deserve love .

Thank you for reading !


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