The last charge

Greetings readers and welcome to another 6th battle report!

Today we reenact one of the last battle fought during the the Great Crusades against Araby in the 1451 I.C.

We used 6th edition rules ,but we added some spices like Weather table (CJ 01) and sand effects shown in the scenario listed in the main rulebook (battle for the necropolis?). in order to score points, my army led by Grand Master Kurt Schwarzhelm , should ve reached Khemri deployment area with any other victory condition allowed. If 1/3 of my total points would ve been there by 5th turn, Empire would ve won the day.

I spent the whole week scouting Citadel Journals for alternative rules and I was really tempted to use the Knight Quests upgrades I read,but since there were so many special rules already in, I though it wasn t really the day. Plus, lets be honest, Quests are for livings, not for bones!

Being said, we deployed our forces and rolled for the weather effect (10, check the table below in the photos). I basically ran for 1 turn with everything, trying to survive the the magic/shooting phase of Gabriele.

Although I failed a panic test with my swordmen due a deadly shoot by a catapult, my swift and deadly knights on the left charged a flank of a 3 models unit of Chariots, crushing them with hate and rolling REALLY low to break through (like 6 with 3 dices) ,showing my flank to a skeleton charge. IT was a perfect break through ,straight into the damned Ark,but sands were blocking my fine arabian horses ! (+1d6 M when charging, CJ 43).

Thanks good at least they were only Skellies.

On the other hand, I really messed up charges and I failed with the Grand Master unit, staying very close to big unit of Tomb Guards.

Both our units had their generals and BSB inside.

10 Knights vs 20 Guards.

Living vs Undeads.

It was a test of faith I couldn’t refuse!

I protected my unit with everything I had during magic phase and by turn 3 I was able to charge the guards, starting a fierce battle. Meanwhile ,on the other side of the battlefield, flagellants were fighting against chariots and the railed swordmen were facing a flank attack by a giant scorpion.

Turn 3 and 4 there were 4 melee fights and thanks Sigmar the ark didn’t work in melee ,although one of my 2 mages died instantly when the evil war machine has been activated.

IT has been really my day since Gabriele couldn’t score a single hit with his tomb guards and general and i ve been able to kill them all in 2 turns by resolution results! With the last attack, Gabriele shot a killing blow to my Grand Master and I failed the 4+. IT has been a really sad day for the Order ,although I basically lost 6 of them in the whole day! With the Grand Master dead, I failed a panic test with the unit in the flank/ melee fight against the skellies, losing the change to win.

Before the end of the game, with the same unit i ve been charged by 5 Ushabtis ( the big guys with 2h weapons), but again, Sigmar was watching me and I saved 4 wounds vs 5 hits on a 4+ . Panzer division Panther! Ahahah!

Close to a nervous breakdown, Gabriele removed the Ushabtis after combat resolution.

Altough basically wiped out, Khemri won the day due scenario conditions with a stoic defense of his deployment area.

It has been a great day and we were so involved in the game that we complelty forgot to shot photos!

With the death of Schwarzhelm , the curtain falls on the Great Crusades against Araby and by 1451 imperials and their bretonnian allies left the deadly deserts and sailed back to the old world with loads of treasures and stories to share.

Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for more articles of the great days of Warhammer!


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