My imperial Grand Army : update

Rose are red,violets are blue so my Empire is ready for you!

Here s an updated photo i took some weeks ago of my nearly complete imperial army. For those of you that dont follow me, i actually started this blog and the whole comeback in the hobby with one clear objective : to have all the imperial models represented in the 1998 Us Complete catalogue (here)

In these photos i forgot home the Grand Theogonist, Kral Franz and the War Wagon and i was still missing halfings and Reiksguard on foot. Today i can happily say that i put my hands on those models and that they’re on the paining line as soon as they reach me.

The collection isn t 100% accurate by the way : i got 20 handgunners with 2 poses and i should trade/sell them to get the ones i miss,plus the Ogres are not the original ones ,but mine are from the great Goblin master himself and i confess i consider these way more “imperial” then the others. Anyway, although with some compromises, i m very close to finish the project : i actually miss 2 limited edition flagellants (these) , something like 8 mages ,bringing the number of casters to 17 and 1 halfing.

it costed me A LOT ,no excuses here ,but i m very proud of this .

I really hope to close this project in 2019 . Bye!


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