Scouting for scenarios: Citadel Journals

Greetings readers and welcome back to my blog.

Since i ve no miniatures to paint (liar!) and no battle reports to share, i spent this week scouting for potential scenarios or ideas to offer to  my small but hardened group. Since our hobby form is basically died and reborned in something we don’t really like that much (yes, i’m talking about AoS), my only resource to find out interesting ideas is the past.

One of the greatest resources site i use and abuse is Scribd. For only 9.9$ x month i ve access to a neverending list of books and articles.

Looking for Citadel Journals? there are .

Inferno magazine?plenty.

Armylists and Warhammer monthly? all there.

Warmaster mag and Mordheim towncryer? yep  (!!!).

Littearly, scribd is my favourite place to look for the forgot gems of the past.

Of all the potential magazines released by GW back in the days, Citadel Journal is one of the best if you re looking for scenario ideas and by a long shoot too!

Amongst all, i found some really interesting settings that i`d like to propose to my fellow gamers :

CJ 01 – Weather conditions

CJ 02 – Quests for Knights (!!!)

CJ 06 – Geroff my tree! orcs vs empire chirstmas scenario

CJ 08 – Imrik Piknik – Chaos vs High Elves

CJ 09 – The invasion of Athel Loren , a tree-campaign between orks and Wood Elves .I want to run this with my fellow ork player Yuri as soon as we finish Idol of Gork campaign.

CJ 13 – Elementals Rules

CJ 17 – Black Fen battle : vampires vs Skavens

CJ 19 – Vampire Wars. 4 battles to live again the most famous battle of the Vampire wars .

CJ 24 – Night Fight! It includes a pool of night scenarios , including an interesting Bretonnia vs Undeads. CJ24 also includes an High Elves vs Night Goblins micro-siege scenario (Battle for Fiery Moon Fort).

CJ 26 – Karak Eight Peaks Skaven vs Goblins  Warhammar quest scenario

CJ 27 – Skies of Blood High Elves vs Chaos campaign

CJ 31 –  Dark Tide Rising : Skaven vs Empire campaign

CJ 33 – The siege of Tor Alessi aka Dwarfs vs High Elves

CJ 35 -The invasion of Tor Yvresse , based on the fabled novel of Bill King

CJ 43 – Shifting sands of Hamurabi . Khemri vs Empire scenario PLUS Knight orders.

I ll be updating the list in these days,so stay alert!

IF you dunno how to Scribd, just follow this link and you ll be redirected to Mbutoe page, the guy who uploaded eving i m reading.

There are plenty of ideas for basically every game released by GW and many articles have been written by passionate gamers and hobbysts like us as a guarantee of authenticity.   Scribd is also a good resource for everything concerning RPGs .

This post is probably redundant with many other blogs out there and i ve not added anything really special ,but ,hey,who cares? Hope you read something interesting for your hobby rebirth and that you gonna live again the glorious age of our undying hobby .







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