Gathering of Might 2019

Greetings from Tilea readers! We finally did it : we crowned the founding of our group with a mega-battle involving 7 players,6 races and tons of miniatures.

It has been a very funny day,even if exahusting, with huge formations crushing each other only driven by the unforgiving will of their commanders (us) of seeing a massacre.

The evil forces composed by Orcs and Goblins (Yuri),Khermi (Gabry) and Chaos Dwarfs (UZAHH! ME!!!) sadly lost to the unstopable forces of AWESOMENESS composed by 2 valiant formations of bretons (Matte and John) a lonely dwarf (Andre) and a Lizard army led by Gianlu.
Although our green one littearly teared knights to shreds with fanatics , nothing could stop the few survivors to pierce the black hearth of the goblins forcing them to flee.

I did all i could to alt the charges and my single Earthshaker has been really a pain in the ass for John knights,but this wasn t enough. The next terrible thing we couldn t stop were the three 20 strong units of Skinks with poisonous peashooters : 2 shoots eachone! GOOOSH! We tried to elimiante them, but we couldn t do much against such a deadly skirmish force. On the other flank , our Khemri (and my black orcs) crushed on the immovable dwarf units with a huge 4 units-megabattle .

Game ran from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. ,no stop .

We added some special rules taken directly from the original Gathering of Might : generals couldn t speak each other ,but they were forced to use messengers in order to comunicate (we printed tickets ). This method was used for declaring charges and shooting phase too,adding chaos to an already chaotic game. We decided for 5 min to write for each side and its worked quite well! To speed up the deployment, we used the hidden deploy rules.

As the Chaos Dwarf player, i m happy to have fielded such an original force at least for once in my life . Although i did near to nothing, my evil ones were really beatiful in their display and i forced Yuri to take out his hat when my bullcentaus were killed by the damn skinks.

According to the rules , The forces of awesomeness brought home a bloody small victory.

We (actually I ) decided that we gonna celebrate our founding with a big event every year ,altough i m tempted to run something different from WHFB…maybe Advanced heroquest? Who knows.

Our Good Bretonnian wrote down a romanced version of the game and i ll post that as soon as its ready.

I leave you with our photos .

Thank you for following me living again the golden age of my hobby !




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