Battle of the brewery

Happy 2019 to everyone!
Last days have been filled with plenty of games and since i m a manically precise, i m slowly writing down a battle report for everyone of it. Today we honour the memory of the survivors of the Battle for Brewrey,as its remembered from those brave men and dwarfs who were there that sad day.
The year is 544 of the Bretonnian calendar, also known as one of the worst years ever lived by the commoners of the reign. A group of necromancers calling themself “the chosen ones” decided to test their necromantic skills against an isolated village on the Grey Mountains,close to the Axe Bite Pass.
The necromaners gathered an enormous army and forced the pass to reach the green lands of Bretonnia. The bretonnian duke , wanting to avoid a siege against an army that dont know fatigue, decided to intercept the undeads and face them in a plateau close to the village. The duke was joined by a pack of dwarfs intent of celebrating their clan founding in a brewery , merging the heavy cavalry with the cannons of the ancient race.
The battle has been a fierce one, with the undeads marching against the livings under the fire of the warmachines and accepting the bretonnian charges with silent determination.
The game has been a strange one : Dwarf warmachines exploded istanty and the necromancers couldn t cast a spell for 4 turns! Although unskilled in fight , numbers payed off and where on the necromancers side.
In the end, skeletons and zombies broke the living battle line, breaking through the deployment area and brought home a minor victory. Battle has been littearly won by Ghosts : These rather awfull models practically destroyed everything they faced,thanks to the fact that Yuri couldn’t score nothing less than a 5+ with his dices! On my side, we played a cat and mouse game, with my mounted wights backing of few inches and blocking 2 full bretonnian lances in a mexican stall. On the other hand, 2 full lances crushed on my ranks ,killing dozens of skeletons . Since not a single spell was able to be casted, i lost a full regiment of skeletons , BUT i miraculosly won a fight against the other lance and thanks to the fear rules, i killed the fleeing knights thanks to a good pursue roll. My teamate, Yuri, entangled 2 huge dwarf units in a neverending fight with ghosts and zombies while he took out every warmachine and thunderer unit with 2 packs of ghouls. We had plenty of fun and the game ran smoothly with 6th edition rules , using the hidden deployment to speed up the setting.
A great day , a great battle and obviously a great team !


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