Idol of Gork Campaign: II° & III° scenarios

Hell yeah , double game this week! 2 days ago i played with Yuri the II° and the III° scenarios from Idol of Gork campaign pack (5th ed.) and it has been great!

Following the plot, we first played “the ambush”, with Snagga successfully halting the imperial caravan ,denying to Rutgar and his men the help of Zorn the mage and the use of the precious artillery in the last battle . The match has been litteraly won by orc archers spreading panic test with arrows elf-like precise! What the hell! it was like facing wood elves! I couldn t do that much and i ended the game with 4 fanatics ,Zorn and his bodyguard. Although hard for the Empire, the game has been really evocative and quite balanced.


we ended it quickly and we still had a couple of hours,we ran the III° scenario (of which i do not remeber the name).

This time Orcs couldn’t do anthing against the swift and deadly Kislevites cavalries . I ended up the game thanks to the “sudden win” condition, lighting every hut with my arrows and denying 750 points of reinforcements to the Orc warboss for the last match! I ve been very lucky scoring a lot of 5+ in the very first turns ,although if something had gone wrong with the sudden win conditions ,i would ve lost to points. EH! to risk payed back!


sincerely recomend these boxed campaigns , they re really fast and background is a very strong component . We ran this with pack 6th edition rules ,editing models where needed. Games ran smoothly and we really enjoyed this small gen of the glorious age .


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