II° Imperial Grand Army

This is 90% of my 4th/5th edition Empire collection and rapresent the II° Grand Army stationed at Castle Grauenburg .
This is one of the few permanent armies in the Empire and its role is basically to protect the Imperial borders from whatever descends the Grey Mountains or cross the Axe Bite Pass with bad intentions.
The army is led by Count Maximilian von Pfeiraucher ,grandson of Count Bruno von Pfeiraucher, one of the most influental vassals of Emmanuelle von Liebwitz ,the famous Nuln duchess and future wife of the neo-elected Emperor Karl Franz II (Heinrich Todbringer) Von Pfeiraucher is assisted by Heinrich von Torlichelm , Grand Master of the secular order of the Knights Panther.

I ll write down a background and detalied informations for every regiment since they’re more or less all connected
to my WFRP campaign timeline


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